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Win more in each shift with data-driven decisions

Our one-of-a-kind technology takes the guesswork out of optimizing processes by identifying the bottleneck machines with AI-driven analysis of your manufacturing line


Unlock higher throughput with Linecraft’s flagship feature “Bottlenecks”.

The reality is, your production line holds immense output potential, but its capacity is being limited by bottlenecks.

On a balanced line, workstations are arranged in a way that each one performs a roughly equal amount of work within a specified time period. However, due to unforeseen breakdowns, some machines take longer than expected, making everyone wait. This makes them a bottleneck.

Since different machines break down at different times because of different factors, the bottleneck effect keeps shifting on the line. This has a compounding impact on the line’s productivity, and the manufacturer stays elusive to the actual productivity.

It’s impossible to pinpoint shifting bottlenecks with manual observations analysis. This is why Linecraft acts as a game changer.

Automated Identification

We use AI to identify bottlenecks automatically. This data empowers you to take targeted corrective action which will lead to a direct improvement in throughput.

Smart Prioritization

You get the list of bottlenecks based on the highest impact on the line. Prioritize resolving the most critical bottlenecks for line-level optimization.

Detailed Cell Analysis

Drill down into the bottleneck cell to identify specific assets causing delays. Access total wait graphs and wait duration between assets for granular analysis.

Historical Analysis

Easily view bottleneck instances for specific time ranges. Conduct historical analysis for deeper understanding of bottleneck trends.


Transform your line-level optimisation strategy with a smart tool which identifies improvement opportunities automatically. It pinpoints the action items that will ensure more throughput quickly.

Our tool is tailored to the demands of a modern, fast-paced factory environment. It simplifies the complexities of your optimization process, enabling you to focus on resolving high-impact incidents.

Discovery & Classification

Gain access to auto-identified, auto-categorized asset-wise incidents on the line. Seamlessly monitor the action items on each issue.

Quantified Impact

Gain an understanding of how much production will increase if a specific issue is resolved. Strategize better by knowing the impact before putting any effort.

Detailed Analysis

View and analyze various issues affecting productivity, such as downtimes, stoppages, stuck states, variable cycle times, and more.

Instance-Wise Drill-Downs

Drill down into each incident at a granular level to identify their root causes. Conduct thorough investigations to identify patterns, trends, and recurring issues.

Critical Cells

Equip your asset management strategy with a smart tool that automatically identifies the machines that might hamper the line productivity at a given time.

No more worries about sudden breakdowns and emergencies. With detailed knowledge of vulnerable machines, you can prioritize maintenance efforts in advance, allocate resources strategically, and plan investments effectively.

Smart Prioritization

Gain an automatically generated list of the most critical cells on the line so you can focus maintenance efforts where they have the most impact.

Universally Reliable Parameters

Criticality of the assets is based on their Availability, Performance and Quality, which are  the 3 factors that define the asset’s OEE.

Detailed Asset Review

For each critical asset, you can view downtime details, cycle drilldowns, and bad part count. With such granularity & precision, root cause analysis becomes effortless.

Cross-functional Utility

Ensure all facets of operations are aligned for optimal efficiency. Our tool is designed for utility across maintenance, production, and quality departments.

Loss Management

Say goodbye to the tedious process of manual logging of losses on the shop floor. With Linecraft’s intelligence layer, all the productivity losses are captured automatically with high precision.

This tool can save you hundreds of man-hours every month because it records losses directly from the PLC and completely eliminates the need for manual inspections and data entry of losses. It empowers the plant force to focus their efforts on quick loss attribution, analysis, and resolution.

Accurate Time Logs

It records the exact start time and end time details of each loss at hh:mm:ss level. This eradicates all manual errors.

Automatic Categorization

It automatically attributes the losses to A, P, or Q (Availability, Performance, Quality) issues.

Customizable Loss Types

The losses can further be categorized into various types based on your existing grouping.

Interactive UI

It displays the data in an easy-to-use interface with a simple template for attributing a loss to the underlying fault.

Condition Monitoring

Elevate your maintenance approach with our Condition Monitoring tool. Every time a suspicious change is detected in machine health, you get notified instantly.

With this capacity, you can remotely monitor the line’s health and schedule interventions before any breakdowns occur. This tailor-made preventive maintenance strategy caters to the actual needs of the equipment and prevents any impact on production.

Say goodbye to emergency repairs and brace yourselves to significantly increase equipment uptime, reduce overall maintenance costs, and optimise spare part inventory.

Real-time Alerts

Receive instant notification at the first hint of any change in machine health and monitor the triggers without being on the shop floor.


No more one-size-fits-all, you define what you want to be notified about. Choose from a wide range of parameters and conditions for each station in accordance with your requirements.

Customizable Delivery

Set alerts for all the team members based on their roles and responsibilities for a collaborative response. Notify them on their preferred channel - in-app, SMS, or email.

Detailed Insights

View comprehensive details behind each alert and access the complete history of triggered alerts to understand patterns and refine monitoring strategies over time.

OEE Monitoring

Designed to provide granular, historic, and real-time insights into the vitals of your production cells, our OEE software monitoring tool gives you full visibility into the gap between the potential performance and the actual performance of your line.

It offers a comprehensive approach for continuous improvement, enabling you to streamline operations, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity.

Granular Data

Monitor the OEE of each production cell and asset with precision in real-time and historical context to pinpoint and resolve inefficiencies.

Intuitive Visualization

Visualize OEE trends via heatmaps & graphs for continuous improvement decisions. Customize the dashboard to highlight insights that matter to your team.

Production Loss Analysis

Identify & quantify production losses attributed to downtime & low efficiency to implement targeted strategies to enhance overall output.

Availability Analysis

Leverage detailed reports analyze downtime of various cells on the line to pinpoint reasons for unavailability and implement corrective actions swiftly.

Production Overview

Gain unmatchable control over your production schedule with Linecraft. This tool is all you need to get error-free info about your daily production targets versus actual output. Leverage precise data about the production in each shift and supercharge your management strategy.

Tailored Data Review

Identify production trends and patterns over time with our intuitive display of shift, day, and month-level data at a glance.

Quality Function

Leverage the data about good part v/s bad part production for defect analysis and further, the adjustment of quality control measures.

Top Production KPIs

Keep all your production-related metrics at fingertips including JPH and count of good parts, bad parts and total parts

Part-wise Breakup

Analyse production data for different part variants and enhance your processes to meet the specific requirements of each variant.

Part Tracing

Enter a new era of superior quality control with a tool that provides end-to-end visibility into each part’s journey on the production line from its entry to exit.

Achieve unparalleled traceability and quickly identify quality issues – ensuring that first time quality (FTQ) scores remain exceptional. This is the ultimate tool for Quality Engineers who lead comprehensive and precise auditing of produced parts.

Efficient Recalls

Leverage high transparency with the ability to track any part back to its source and understand its entire production history in detail.

Compliance Tracking

Easily ensure adherence to quality standards with our tool because it enables you to view process parameters at each station for every part variant

Line Visualization

Seamlessly visualize how any part moved on the line over its life cycle and gain insights into the time spent in line and the time spent at different stations

Comprehensive Analytics

Leverage detailed analytics for each part. Analyze reworks & retries, abnormal cycles, overall production efficiency and a summary of all parts over any time range.


Transform your data into a strategic advantage with unparalleled visibility, record-keeping, and decision-making capabilities. Linecraft Reports are designed to offer purposeful information of your key metrics at a glance and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Seamlessly organize critical data and enjoy concise easy-digest reports for quick overviews.


Set it once and forget it – automated reports delivered to your inbox at a frequency of your choice. Effortlessly schedule reports for multiple users at once.


Share reports effortlessly to ensure a consistent and synchronised flow of information across your team and inform strategic initiatives.

Industry Standard Templates

Choose from a library of pre-designed, industry-standard templates for generating professional reports. Customize to prioritize the metrics most meaningful for your team.

Review History

Access a comprehensive history of generated and shared reports which helps maintain a centralized repository of critical data for analysis and compliance.