Why we are the go to IIoT solution


Deploy quickly with no stoppages or risk to your running production. We don’t need to make hardware or software changes on running machines to collect data.

Cloud / On-premise

Use your existing data infrastructure, in the privacy and control of your premises, or leverage the cloud. We comply with your constraints and security policies.

Actionable Recommendations

Get concrete, verifiable recommendations to increase productivity of the entire line that you can implement on your production lines immediately.

Platform Agnostic

We can plug into existing data lakes or install our loggers on site to work with most existing industrial controls (OPC-UA enabled or otherwise) and networks on production plants.

Easy To Use

Get features & insights carefully tailored for production managers, maintenance managers and line operators. Our intuitive interface is designed by industry veterans with 30+ years of manufacturing experience.

What customers are saying

The Linecraft product helped me identify performance issues by pinpointing the root cause - a rusted spring and a faulty sensor. We could then quickly improve the reliability & efficiency of the system.

Linecraft identified the cause of sporadic synchronization issues in the interface between two machines that were causing deadlocks & idle time. With a simple programming change, the performance of whole line improved.

How It Works


Bottleneck Identification

Diagnose your critical cells and assets.

Efficiency Optimization

Increase the throughput of your key assets, by optimizing their cycles and interactions.

Problem Detection & Drill-downs

Pinpoint issues and compare good and bad machine cycles.

Anomaly Detection

Get alerts when the line is deviating from normal behavior.


Monitor trends and key line performance metrics such as OEE, availability, efficiency, quality.

The Team

The company - Linecraft AI - is a seed funded industrial IoT startup headquartered in Pune. It was started by two serial entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector, with 30+ years of experience in the domain. Our all-star tech team is formed by graduates from top schools globally like MIT(USA), BITS Pilani, Coep (India), Uppsala (Sweden) with experience working at Google, Amazon, Oracle, upGrad and more.

Ranjit Date


Mangesh Kale


Saya Date

(Co-founder) Head of Product

Anklesh Tonde

Engineering Manager

Meenal Pathak

Engineering Manager

Viksit Arora

Engineering Manager

Jaideep Khare

Operations Manager

Vishvajit Dabak

IT Systems Advisor

Abhijeet Phatak

Configurations & Deployment Manager

Namrata Kundu

Software Engineer

Shounak Ozarkar

Software Engineer

Prateek Tamrakar

Software Engineer

Gaurav Barothiya

Software Engineer

Why work with us?

Linecraft Team
Linecraft Workspace
Linecraft Workspace

We are a group of passionate engineers and data-nerds set out to solve an unsolved problem: to unlock the potential of manufacturing lines! Curiosity, ownership, can-do attitude and fast action are at the core of our values.

So in a nutshell, if you want to work with smart people, on impossible problems and make an impact in an undisrupted domain, this is the place for you!

If you're interested in working with us, please email us at careers@linecraft.ai