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Hidden constraints are choking your production

Manufacturers struggle to optimize their output even if all their machines work at near 100% efficiency.

All machines have minor lags because of unpredictable performance variations. The moment a machine lags, it makes all the neighboring machines wait, because they have nothing to work on.

In a serial line, different machines become the weakest link at different times. Resultantly, the impact of each lag compounds with the delays caused by previous lags, leading to a snowballing effect on overall production efficiency.

Most manufacturers fail to recognize this compounding bottleneck effect and in turn, stay unaware of the real potential of the output their lines could be producing.The worst part? The shifting nature of bottlenecks makes them tricky to pinpoint with manual observations.

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Identify bottlenecks automatically with Linecraft AI

Our one-of-a-kind technology takes the guesswork out of optimizing processes by identifying the bottleneck machines with AI-driven analysis of your manufacturing line

Unlike conventional IIoT solutions that focus on individual machines, our algorithm understands the intricate web of interactions between the machines. These interactions paint the true picture of wait times along the line to identify the most important limiting factor, i.e., bottlenecks.

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